Tuesday, January 30, 2007


his daily routine

i don’t know how to work Bitcomet.. :S
I could’t watch my programs that I usually download, so I ended up watching it through youtube. Oh my goshh soo despo to watch :P
I changed my layout ! it’s the old layout I was talking about. The pink, yellow,grey layout. But it couldn’t be viewed by internet explorer. Now it can :D

Today we had class pictures.
OH MY GASHH SUEEN ! why didnt come today :(
I was about the eigth person( im assuming ) from the short-to-tall line. At least I had Lyn and SuLi back and front :D
We actually had a chance to stand behind with the guys on the bench but I think because I was a prefect that if I stand at the bottom with Christine it’ll look more coordinated or something :|
But we squeezed back to the bench during the informal shot :D
And did some weird thing, I hope it turned out alright.

Then at our second shoot which was the straight A shot, Lyn and I got to sit infront. Haha ! so maybe there’s good in being short :P
More photo sessions tmr. It’ll be my first prefect shoot since I missed last year because of mssd +_+
But I don’t really mind, I’ll look like an ant clone with all the other many prefects. You’ll take ages just to spot me..

Sigh, and I wont be taking picture with Leo this year, since I quit-ed. Heh.
They broke the news to me that I was suppose to be the president this year.So history repeats itself- again.
Initially if I hadn’t made that particular history in the first place, I would have had a post before I joined Leo.
Only a few know the details, and im burrying it.
Though, no regrets for being in Interact now :)

Afiq is leaving us tmr. He’s going to asrama, and so are more other malays in my class. If im not wrong we only have 11 malays in our present class and their leaving ? :|
You see what I mean when I say people only realise things when it actually happens?
Yours truly has known Afiq dearest for about 7 years although we were in different classes in secondary, but I never made an effort to know him more and now he’s leaving.

And I guess Irfan will be leaving too. Gosh my mom used to car pooled him to school when we were standard 1 ! if we were not in the same class this year, I guess we never would have talked again.
How much strangers we can be.

Im sure everybody does this, and obviously including yours truly;
Walking by someone you obviously know and knowing that the person knows you too, but you both pretend you don’t know each other and restrain eye contact.
What’s with people these days?

p/s; hey Denise, if you still want that old layout, tag me yah. It works on internet explorer already ;))

oh and did i mention, i love bothering you,Lillian :D:D:D
but i guess you obviously knew that already. HAHA

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