Wednesday, December 31, 2008


After 636 posts.

Im moving (!!!!)

Do re-link alright!.



Its the end of the year!
This year is too fast to even begin with and it's heartaching to watch it leave.
Of course its the "time we've all been waiting for".

This year I felt closer and the same time further.

I admit, I dont think I've been an amazing friend.
Im sorry if I have negelected or disappointed any of you.

But hey 2009 is a new year, and a new start & I hope to be one.
This year has left me many questions unanswered but after much thought Im sure everything will be fine.
I take back any things I have said or done.

To you and you and you and you you you you you you.
Im sorry for everything and let me tell you how much I love you!
For everything and anything at all.

You (all) made this year happen.


Last year I wrote a little summary of what i’ve dont that past year.
Post here.

Last year i celebrated my New Year's with these 3 best friends.

Darren, Kay & Rachel.

We were doing "2008" if you realise

This year we had so many birthday celebrations !

Including mine :)

This year i sat Selero Shots for the first time.
Cheh piece of cake lah :P

When i went Genting with 5 Bakti

I went to Penang! with BRATs

I was in the EXCO Pengawas and honestly i miss it.

Every bit of it.
4 painful years of it. :)

This year was the last year we (form 5's) got to be in the school team!
The founders of this whole team thing ok!
Its been 4 years too!

Interactors! :D

5 Amanah's amazing people.

This year i HAD a longgg hair that nearly reached my ass.

and i snipped it all away for the first time.

This year we finish SPM (!!!!)

& I joined the best group of teens ever in BRATs Sabah.

I had a blast celebrating Christmas at my place.

Happy New Year ;)
2009 is going to be insane.
Im sure of it.

well there's actually much more photos but Im currently using the notebook my dad got me for Christmas. :D!
so im lazy to extract the photos.
Maybe some other time when i feel nostalgic.

So am i contented to what i've accomplish in 2008?
In ways yes,
In many other ways no.

I know i could have done much much better.
But i can say that I enjoyed this year alot with the people in it.
& its so nice to see people maturing and growing.

I remember when i was in form 1 and browse throught Friendster,
I saw Lynette's profile saying grad class of '08.
at that time it seem pretty dam long away.
But look, we're here.

Usually i can predict what to expect of the coming year, because well its just school right.
How much different could it get?
This coming year is definitely going to be different.
I really do not know what to expect but im absolutely looking forward to it.

We always joked around about how we would laugh at each other 10 years from now.
so 9 years to go!

I have a feeling its going to be a good year :)

Monday, December 29, 2008

tic toc

"Dont think, just do"
quote by Jack Dawson from Titanic.

I can feel the absense.

Monday, 10.30am.


I know i still have lots to update on.
Heck i am not done with the piles of pictures i have!

Did you read Ole BRATs in the STAR papers last Sunday?
because we were in it!

Reading the articles, looking at the photos and watching the videos.
Nostalgia man.

Will update more.

Today has been relaxing.
Im in the book mode :)

Annoyed by my luck.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Changed my blogskin again if you’d notice.
I realised the other was too wide for my liking..

Anyways Im feeling a tad bit um aggitated (randomly)
So dont bother reading if you dont like my occasional (or frequent) opinionated post(s).

Of course i would like to state it clearly now that I am writing this in no means to offend any particular person.
I am only writing this in my general view.

So lets say you have a friend,
And, lets say.. she has the fairest cleanest smoothest complexion you’ve ever seen.
You on the other hand arent so lucky.
Infact you probably heritade the bad gene pool of skin texture.

So pop! One day she grows a pimple.
And she starts going on about this endless rant about how ugly she looks and bladiblabla to you.
Saying stuff like now she looks ugly etcetc.

You know some people are like that.
What would you expect your friend to reply to you?
& obviously by complaining to her you’d expect a reply no?
So what is she suppose to say,
“Oh my! You do look ugly” (????)

Or lets say she’d be a nice friend and tried to console you and say stuff like,
“nah i think my complexion is still worse than your’s”

Then it would leave you in the spot and you’d have to cook up some lie telling her, “nolah....-”

Seriously, do you really expect praises from another person so you could feel better?
By bringing any similiar topic like that you indirectly expect a praise right.
Like complaining how fat you are to a friend who is much bigger than you.

Why not complain to some else who say, have better skin or is prettier or is much skinnier than you.
Because that would only make you feel worst.

If you already knew this why still go up to a friend and expect her to throw down herself for the sake of consoling you.

Sure we occasionally do it unintentionally or meant it in a joking manner.
But we’d probably do it too much unintentionally it has already became intentional.

Generally i do find it rude and irritating.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

you make me happy

The string of photos i absolutely love!

Credits to Darren for being such a good photog :D

attempting to jump but ended up looking constipated.

you can stand under my umbrella

25th December 2008;

Darren drove over so we could go deliver our Christmas presents to people,
Halfway i was starving so we opt to go eat first, Strawberry Fields.
It drizzled/rained so we decided to stay in instead.
Time flew by and we were late for the get together.

excuse bad photo quality

Arrived at Starbucks,
Ordered drinks and got comfy on the couch while playing Uno.

But the game of the night was Ludo.
We went nuts playing Ludo.
We even played two rounds because Lillian came so we started again.

We had a deal,
the losers had to do something;
In the end the winners too.

Taipan was really quiet because it was almost 12am and also it was a public holiday.
Still i tell you,
People were staring.

Such a bad idea to bring the umbrella down.

Myself, Xin Yi and Darren

Link here

Lillian, Rabin and Han Qi

Link here

Sadly my plan to waltz in the middle of Taipan's road till it hit midnight dearly failed. :(
Im sorry I had to go back!

Thanks for the handmade cards and present guys.
This year the presents ive received from friends were all handmade! except one.
I've always thought handmade stuff are X1837450928345 sweeter.

Virtual hugs everyone.

The next day I made a last minute decision to go Pyramid with them;
Mainly so i can see them before they leave.

Nicole and Lynette joined !

DO NOT waste your money on Spirit.
Suckiest show Ive watched this year.
and I thought The Day the Earth Stood Still was bad.
I especially hate the whole Sin City vibe.

Friday, December 26, 2008

there's no need

Yesterday we had a small get together mainly for Christmas and to bid these two NS people farewell for 75days.

(notice Han Qi at the back haha!)

Xin Yi

This year i think we click well and hanged out much much more in our little groupie,
especially in class with the others.
We thought yesterday would be our last time seeing them,
but spontaneously and very last minute i got to see them for the last time (again) today.
I know its only three months, but you can really feel the thud.
It was especially sad to say goodbye when we had to go back.

We will miss you both!

Also we feel the thud because those two up there are our "transporters", the two people that you can definitely count on when you need transport :P
So now you see us more at home. haha!

but yeah, I get really emotional although they keep telling me its only 3 months and its not like they're going to die or anything.
*touch wood (actually why touch wood?, why not bricks-seriously why?)

See you guys in 3 months, and take care.;

I already have March 11 marked on my new Starbucks planner :)


Christmas post next.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

This is the day

Christmas has been this worldwide and well known celebration;
Not only for Christians-

Alot of people have this way of thinking that Chinese New Year is all about the red packets and Christmas is all about the gifts and presents.
Its way way much more than that.

Im not sure if i can portray Christmas in words,

Do you celebrate Christmas because everyone else does?
Are you in it just for the presents and food and all that?

How much do you know about the story behind Christmas?

Its my favourite festival of year;
To me its been all about sharing and giving;
I can honestly tell you that I've saved up to a few hundred solely for Christmas this year.
I am not saying all this to praise myself or sound typical.

Today my Christmas started off amazingly.
Infact this whole pre Christmas has been amazing.
Dont you feel this cuddly warmth when Christmas is near?

My family has ths tradition of waiting till the clock strikes 12 and we sit around on the floor around the Christmas tree and unwrap what we got for each other.
This year was extra fun because we each have our own suprise gift.

& I know Im going to have an awesome time singing, dancing, jumping, and shedding tears of pure blissful joy for this one true person in church tomorrow.

This year has truly been an eye opener for me.
I am not saying this in a cliched way.

I choose not to disclose it but i can tell you,
I've been through alot. and not at the most perfect timing.

& I am grateful because He has been there for me.
& all i had to do was have a little faith.

I thank you so much and pray that others are as privilaged as I am to have known you.
Truly you are amazing in so many way we cannot say.
& no matter how much people testify or mention of your awesomely great works,
that even so is not enough to portray what you have gave me until this day.
Because if only they knew, if only they knew what i am talking about;
oh, you have been simply amazing.
I felt you, all the way. & I didnt have to worry because you,
You were right there. Just there.

So here is me saying,
I love you.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Saturday we had a Christmas celebration at my place :)
Turkey with cranberry !
We took lots of photos and i think everyone had the camwhore mode on that night.
& nice photos too.
Here are the playground photos.
Wont elaborate much just yet.

All i can say is I had a great time :)

Blog more about it next time!

(Ive yet to finish blogging about BRATs)

ala boy band :P

This time I sucked :P

Happy Christmas Eve.
Happy Birthday Cherie Koh!