Thursday, December 25, 2008

This is the day

Christmas has been this worldwide and well known celebration;
Not only for Christians-

Alot of people have this way of thinking that Chinese New Year is all about the red packets and Christmas is all about the gifts and presents.
Its way way much more than that.

Im not sure if i can portray Christmas in words,

Do you celebrate Christmas because everyone else does?
Are you in it just for the presents and food and all that?

How much do you know about the story behind Christmas?

Its my favourite festival of year;
To me its been all about sharing and giving;
I can honestly tell you that I've saved up to a few hundred solely for Christmas this year.
I am not saying all this to praise myself or sound typical.

Today my Christmas started off amazingly.
Infact this whole pre Christmas has been amazing.
Dont you feel this cuddly warmth when Christmas is near?

My family has ths tradition of waiting till the clock strikes 12 and we sit around on the floor around the Christmas tree and unwrap what we got for each other.
This year was extra fun because we each have our own suprise gift.

& I know Im going to have an awesome time singing, dancing, jumping, and shedding tears of pure blissful joy for this one true person in church tomorrow.

This year has truly been an eye opener for me.
I am not saying this in a cliched way.

I choose not to disclose it but i can tell you,
I've been through alot. and not at the most perfect timing.

& I am grateful because He has been there for me.
& all i had to do was have a little faith.

I thank you so much and pray that others are as privilaged as I am to have known you.
Truly you are amazing in so many way we cannot say.
& no matter how much people testify or mention of your awesomely great works,
that even so is not enough to portray what you have gave me until this day.
Because if only they knew, if only they knew what i am talking about;
oh, you have been simply amazing.
I felt you, all the way. & I didnt have to worry because you,
You were right there. Just there.

So here is me saying,
I love you.

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