Friday, December 26, 2008

there's no need

Yesterday we had a small get together mainly for Christmas and to bid these two NS people farewell for 75days.

(notice Han Qi at the back haha!)

Xin Yi

This year i think we click well and hanged out much much more in our little groupie,
especially in class with the others.
We thought yesterday would be our last time seeing them,
but spontaneously and very last minute i got to see them for the last time (again) today.
I know its only three months, but you can really feel the thud.
It was especially sad to say goodbye when we had to go back.

We will miss you both!

Also we feel the thud because those two up there are our "transporters", the two people that you can definitely count on when you need transport :P
So now you see us more at home. haha!

but yeah, I get really emotional although they keep telling me its only 3 months and its not like they're going to die or anything.
*touch wood (actually why touch wood?, why not bricks-seriously why?)

See you guys in 3 months, and take care.;

I already have March 11 marked on my new Starbucks planner :)


Christmas post next.

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