Monday, December 31, 2007


This year I was in 4 Amanah,
This year I had a sucky place to sit which was next to the window where the sun shined in,
This year I took pure science and accounts as an additional subject,
This year I went to Lim Bee Lan’s addmaths tuition & Mr’s Ow accounts tuition :D,
This year we celebrated our sweet sixteens,
This year I terpesong from bm karangan twice ( nolah I think its Pn Santi :P )
This year I forgot to do 2 Histroy essays during examination causing me to loose 40 marks jst like that, ( okay not forgot, its… didn’t realise I needed to do 3 questions instead of 1 )
This year I didn’t feel so lonely becoming a prefect,
This year I had a hard time adjusting my daily schedule with the distance I lived,
This year I climbed 6 flights of stairs about 4-6 times a day ( up and down ) everyday,

This year I went for numerous awesome camps,
This year I like my maths/addmaths teacher,
This year my average peratus is about 73%-75%,
This year I missed a lot of activites :( [meet the kota kemuning sacrifice],
This year I had to back down from the worship ministry, (again kota kemuning issue)
This year I sat my grade 8 piano exam,
This year I failed my grade 8 piano exam, (by 5marks !@#%)
This year I became lazy,
This year I have an amazing group of
friends ! :D

This year my handwriting is still ugly,

This year I keep finishing my food in class before recess,
This year we always have a food fest in class :D
This year I like chemistry,

This year my worse subject is chemistry :(

This year is just another year.

Happy New Year everyone :)

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