Sunday, December 30, 2007

brought us here

It feels like just another day-ish thing right.
Tmr sudah the new year’s eve.

School is reopening this coming Thursday,
But I’ll have to head to school on Wednesday for the mini form one’s orientation.

I remember my very own orientation.
Nobody wanted to sit infront so I did during assembly O.O

I’ll be considered a form five and it doesn’t feel right lah,
i feel too young to be old.
Its kinda like how we’re the seniors in the school and there’s nobody else older than you,
And we’re gonna be one of those form 5’s that’ll tell the little form 4’s or form 3’s,

“Aiyah, now you relax lah, later you come form 5 and see”

Haha tradition already.

Next year 5A is kinda terpinggired from the other Form 5’s.
We’re next to 4E.
And the rest of the form 4’s.

Okay im just ranting.
Have fun planning for countdown everyone :)

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