Tuesday, February 20, 2007

everything's gonna be alright

Happy chinese new year !
Ive been busy going to my uncle’s or aunt’s houses, or them coming to mine.
I love love love cny :)
It’s the only time I can see ALL my cousins.
Since their either working or studying overseas or, married with their own fam.

My cousins and I played card games or those card mah-jong-like-tiles.
And we made a rule that the losers had to drink a glass of water and we’re not allowed to go to the bathroom.
We ended up re-filling the 2l jugs about 8 times when I finally gave up.

I heard that people usually go to restaurants for gatherings,
But mine is going to houses, which I find much more convenient.

By the end of 3 days I was seriously contented with homecooks, packet drinks, and cny cookies.
Im not sick of pineapple tarts though !

My dog was seriously tired though, entertaining people the whole day.
My sis apparently was the target for the baby-sitting job.
She had 3 hyper active boy toddlers running around, and
fortunately one girl didnt manage to come.

A new baby is born though.
I’ll be the full time nanny for that particular one because,
(did I mention?)
He’s my god brother :)
He’s just over a month of age.
Technically, he’s my cousin’s son which makes me his aunt,
But im definitely not letting him call me god ma.

Ohh and his dad bought me this seriously cute pendrive.
Its based on the cny theme and small.
Finally I have a pendrive.

Ive been slacking in my homework and im really worried for Physics.
Im still in the cny mood.
Theres still cny events to be had.
Maybe, I should start later.

Oh my sis went for a blood donation the other day and halfway through her veins were blocked so her arm was bruised real badly from internal blood clough.
Pity pity..

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