Sunday, February 25, 2007

seven minutes to midnight

So the four of us had a barbeque.
Initially I told my mom at least seven were coming.
But as usual, they all break promises. Grumbles.

Anyways, so as predicted,
it was the usual, Lyn, Rach, and Kay.

They overnight on Thursday, and if it weren’t for their plans they had on Saturday, they would have overnight on Friday too.

This time we didn’t eat maggi. Because we had Campbell soup, ( okay its Vono ) with bread for supper. Slept at near five, and woke up at eleven to twelve, honestly I cant remember. After eating we fooled around a little, watched tv while doing a little homework, ( :D ) played a little with poker cards and that mahjong-like-tile-poker-cards, went to the park at the back of my house, barbequed, went to the park at the side of the curb infront of my house, laid around in my garden, and I guess that’s bout it.

The holidays are ending pretty fast, when exams are just 12 days away. Including the march holidays, exams are two and a half weeks. Sighh..

Today I planned, just to re-watch just episode one and two of Heroes.
I ended up watching till episode eight, each about 40 + minutes.
Its soo addictive, but actually kinda gory, so it wouldn’t be such a good tv choice for those who cant stand violent killing blood splattering shows, and its abit of a thiller/horror unless of course Astro censors those parts which would be such a kill joy because well, that’s the part that makes you want more.

Yes yes I know for those who are at episode 16 now would think im such a amateur or some sort, im sorry lah.

Hmm maybe watching Heroes at night isn’t such a good idea after all..

The cookies in the octagon tin container with the undone red hearted ribbon taste so good, I kinda wish I get them more often.

I realized I never did really bother how many angpaus I got or opening them, I just do a month later.


Alucrix said...

Mmmmm brains.... *drool*

jasmine said...

omg the brainsss !
especially he future isaac. :(
i like isaac
i dont want his brains to splatter....