Wednesday, March 14, 2007

30 days

i typed this yesterday :

Today is SiewLee’s birthday !

Yes we didn’t plan a surprise because there are just too many it becomes so predictable,

So initially, she knew the bunch of us was going,
And initially we wanted to call her usj4 friends and the malay people from our school,
but tak jadi. :\
So the only surprise was Laurence.
Sorry :P
But Leona kinda slipped out that Laurence was coming,
so she kinda knew.

Lyn, Kay and I reached Pyramid first.

Lyn and I shared to buy a mini cake for her,
So while waiting we did a little walking,
And VERY SADLY, without us realizing the box of cake I was carrying ( im sorry ! )

Kinda erm, turned, inside the plastic bag,
And it went all ugly.
So we got her another mini-er.
Which is cute okay.

Went to kim gary’s and gobbled the ugly-toppled Black Forest cake with the others.

After lunch we went to Red Box,
it was my first time there,
and it wasn’t like how I thought it would be,
Its kinda worth it, RM5++ per person, for 3 whole hours, and a complimentary 4jugs of soft drinks.
And they have a super wide range of songs.
Its amazing how sound proof the room was I tell you.

Lyn, Kay and I had to leave earlier cause we were following Lyn’s sis back at 6.
( we’re sorry SL! )
I went to Lyn’s cause my parents said there was a jam if they got out of the house at that time.
I ended up watching American Idol and eating dinner there :D
Not to mention ber bonding with Lyn. ( HE-HE-HE )

Yup, so that’s about it,
Oh and oh gosh! I think today’s like some

If you get what I mean, ( inside joke – har har har )
But thank God everything was back to normal when we got out of RedBox.

I felt more belonged. ;p

the birthday girl

the mini-er cake

the China foreigners :D

the birthday girl and boyf

the happy ring barrier :D

the total jakun. hehe

the ex classmates

the independent late comer

the glass breakers

the entertained

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