Friday, April 06, 2007


Things are bumpy lately,
I didn’t use to have this uneven time for picturing it out in an instant,

For one,
Its disappointment that’s floating,
Its more than slightly unfair,
I don’t see how and why,
When we ,
ourselves to moniter,
Looking looking
or just turn a zero degree,
Didn’t, initially, actually
Mention that already?
Maybe we read it wrongly?
Oh but you made it clearly,
So we took it truthfully,
And now its called incorrectly?

Spoil spoil spoil .

Linking that up,
I wonder whats wrong with my brain sometimes,
I cant seem to decide,
I cant seem to answer
I just have soo many random questions,
Especially when, where, how and why why why,
I thought its no no no,
I thought I promise to promise,
Why do I expect venus to understand mars?
Or the other way round,
I see inner sign boards,
I see them flashing,
Or I think..
So, I have another question?
What now?

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