Saturday, May 26, 2007


Daym im so over excited over the fact that my mom said she could make that dress.

I tried on this TopShop dress yesterday that cost over Rm2oo and my mom said she could make one exactly the same.
I mean exactly I tell you.

the best thing is that she so happened have the cloth she needs,
with the zig zaggy design thing and those little stuff like the zipper etc,
and she woke me up this morning for the measurements.

Cost for dress?
Zero, because she has everything she needs and left over cloth from the previous project for a kindy.

Cost for workmanship?
Free of charge!

I feel like a little girl again when she made me those pretty floral dresses.

Right now I think she’s minutes away from finishing it.

It so awesome to have a taylor stay home mom.

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