Saturday, June 23, 2007


Installation ?

No rain - thank God.
Didn’t trip while walking – thank God again.
Sketch wasn’t a screw up. - Thank you thank you.
Buku pendaftaran and Buku penyerahan kuasa loaded with spelling errors which I fail to save before the event.
Praises for good jobs nonetheless! :)
Kedatangan of other schools, one or two familiar faces;
Tour guiding and berkenalans which I actually enjoyed.
Visitations from ex-exco’s.
Cut school, got in a kembara to collect pizza’s,
Sneaked back, ate and talked a little,
Went back fully pms.
What more can I say?


This morning I woke up early,
Where do I ever get to sleep till noon these days.
Went to school,
Had a fun meeting,
Excited for planning,
Bersurai on time,
Played basketball after so long.

Not yet contented,
Infact I wanna ask questions !

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