Friday, January 25, 2008

carry me home

I had plans for today.
School, cf, basketball and such.

But halfway through maths my back started to kill me.
so i went home from school during recess.

My backbone “disease” is back :(

It sucks so bad to have this

I wonder what would happen when im older

I’ll probably be some ugly crippled old lady with a huge hunched back making me shorter than I already am.

Incase your wondering,
I end up beating my lower back like an old lady/pregnant lady.
Occasionally getting bruise by it,
But I cant help hitting it because its so sour.
Just like a itch of a mosquito bite.

Yes I am slowly mutating into a old crippled lady.

Not to mention Larian Lebuh Raya / Larian Mesra / Larian Sihat (or whatever you call it) tomorrow.


I am only going for the sake of this is my last year.
But well I end up going ever year anyway so why not I just skip it.


I need rest.

feels like i haven't touch my camera in ages

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