Thursday, January 10, 2008

sweet sweet lavender

We had our project for EST titled The Universe.
By far the best topic !
Not to mention the easy amount of overdose information we had.

March is such a going to be busy month.
Class trips and exams and mssd and camp ! and loadsa stuff.
Please oh please oh please janganlah so sway and crash all together on the same day pleaseee.

Yay for we might move to the lowest floor,
Because someone ‘patah kaki’
Boo for those who leave books in class because now you cannot.
Yay for me for I have a locker.

I think I might just fast forward my plans of switching my Tuesday evening accounts class to Wednesday night.
I am just MEANT to be there.
I so am.
I would love accounts tuition 500 % more.


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