Friday, February 01, 2008

patrick verona

I feel infatuated.

I was random channel surfing on Astro when I stopped at Star Movies because the current movie just started.

It was titled “A Knight’s Tale” and I soon found on the main character was none other than the late Heath Ledger. :(

I was such in a Heath Ledger mood I watched Ten Things I Hate About You,
Another all time love story movie to die for
Besides A Walk To Remember.

Its so darn sad to know I can never watch another show of him again.
Seriously, apart from his heart throbbing smile I kinda think the way he frowns is so keeeeyutt!

Alas, the only show I can now look forward for with him in it,
Is the upcoming Batman movie.

For all you know,
I might just watch Brokeback Mountain, The Partriot, Casanova and everything else and just grieve over the loss.

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