Friday, March 07, 2008

nine is all i can give

Came back from a pretty long day.

Productive i’ll say.

Yes we sad people went to our second home again.

You don’t really have to wonder where im talking about.

Its amazing how we can jalan for so long.

After the massive amount of walking and eating fried chicken and deserts,
I met up with my dad who is to babysit me for the weekend.

My mom and sis are away to Singapore since Thursday,
To take my sis’s A-Level’s result.

Since then, my dad had to take a leave of absence from work to ferry me to and from school, tuition, and Leona’s house on Thursday,
Came back from work in the afternoon just to fetch me out today, and to meet with me at night,
AND fetch me training tomorrow.

I feel sho sho bad.
Not that he doesn’t fetch me any other time,
Its just,..
Too many at one goal I felt so bad. O_O

We’re going back to pyramid again tomorrow,
Because my dad wants to get a dslr O_O
I knew he always wanted one,
Can you believe it, ayahku wants a dslr more enthusiastically than me.
I never thought I would actually get to “own” one since I got a camera last year, and it was only on the “if-only” list.
But now it feels as if it came from the sky.

But who knows he might change his mide.
*burst bubbles*

Waking up today I had to do house chores since mom was away.
Hang, collect and fold plenty of clothes since my dad just came back from China on Wed.

And then I stare at my scruffy dog and realize I had to tie his coconut tree.
Because my mom usually ties his hair.
I tell you, I took ages because I think he was in pain.

Clutzy clumsy careless me,
And injure my knee.
What is wrong with me.
I feel so jinxed.

sneak preview's of Lynette's belated suprise party at Leona's :D

if you can see properly, everyone is blurry except Lynette who was waving. O_O

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