Saturday, April 12, 2008


Sigh im not a very obedient blogger anymore right.
I cant help it,
It feels like I dove in to a swimming pool of… work.

Not that im THAT busy or anything,
But the thought of exams gives me chills.

I can say being in this class is the most competitive ever.
Nothing is ever enough I tell you !

Still, mid terms is a heck load important.
So is trials,
And spm.

My dog has this rash on his tummy recently it became pretty bad.
So we had to buy him baby socks so he wont scratch it.
Gahhhhhhh so cutee !
Me and sis had heartaches to leave him sleeping alone downstairs,
So we slept with him.
Hurdled in between us all night.

I don’t get why my neighbour is so cruel though.
He has two dogs,
A dalmation and another dog (that Im not sure what breed of.)
Lets just call him koko since that’s her name.

My neighbour loved both koko and the dalmation unconditionally.
Bringing them for walks and bringing koko to ride with him on his motorbike.
since Koko is about the size of my dog
So one day the dalmatian fought with koko and bit her eyes out.

So Koko is left with ONE eye.
And to prevent anymore injuries,
My neighbour doesn’t let Koko into the house (not even garden),
Letting it wonder outside the house UNDER THE HOT SUN,
Without food and water,
And letting it sleep inside the house at night only.
Yes I can see Koko everyday :(
Poor thing.

Plus, he doesn’t bring Koko on rides anymore,
Just treating him like he never existed.

Tell me how can this kinda selfish inhuman people can exist ?!

So everytime I see him I give him a glare.


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