Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Because I was halfway using the printer,
I thought I played with the scanner :D

when i had a bikini :P

when everybody is entitled for a reasonable naked picture !

em, when i looked like that. :D

When i was about 5 celebrating my birthday in sunday school
and notice the girl next to me is Lillian !
we only discovered this last year

When we were ten.
Yen Mei, Sanjna, myself, Yi Vonne (who WAS so SHORT) & Rachel.

When we were form 1
When Azmi was FAT !!
When i was like that.
When Matthew (my evil Lim twin) was still around.

When Jeremy & Martin were form 2 !

When we were standard five.
Spot YenMei, YiVonne, WaiHong, Tiffany, Rebecca, Rachel M, Rachel G, and myself. :D

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