Saturday, May 03, 2008

we can work it out

Greeting earthlings !

Planet Nerd is so crowded these days.


A little update:

The tables have turned !
I can keep awake without caffeine but I feel sleepy without (?)
Oh well, less sweet coffee more bitter coffee ! :D

I already have everything , okay “everything” nicely planned,
Im gonna be my mom’s apprentice after exams.
Its time I learned something from my taylor mom.
Can someone please smack me,
Why didn’t I think of it before,
Might as well do something usefully fun at home right.

Add many other things I shall not reveal.
Huhu :D

Camp Perdana this year is sadly not in school like last year :(
And with the extremely compacted schedule and notice,
I decided not to go.
I realised if I did, my days would be so extremely limited and compact and wouldn’t have time even for family.
So yeah,
No losses ! cause im really looking forward for home stuffs.

Especially when sis goes back to Singapore in a few months.

Yes, it is safe now to reveal that,
My sister has yet gotten ANOTHER scholarship.
From Singapore again.
Not that im not happy for her of course.
But omg lah, this is her second scholarship since she left secondary.
Can someone please take all this unsee-able pressure away from me!
Gah, I also dunno what to say already.

Okay its not about me;
Im still extremely glad she got what she wanted and the amount of money we saved.
Now you know why we live in Kota Kemuning – trying to be funny but I don’t think its working.

Okay I think im abit overdose on Hot Chocolate already.

goodnights and good riddens !

p.s/ my love for David Archuleta is slowly fading – but still there !

hello David Cook !

please forgive my extremely, how do you say this, gedik ness.

I am still faithful :D

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