Friday, December 05, 2008

5 days

This is a scheduled post;

By the time you read this i am already in Sabah or on the way.
I've never been there and i think i'll like it.
i just have this feeling.
although im not entirely in this mood of go-go-go!
because there's so many things (actually one or two) to ponder about.

Like how im afraid today (as in now when im typing this post) i'll be the last.
But somehow i have this tremendous strong faith that this is going to be fine.
I have had this faith since you broke the news
and i have had faith by my side,
i know faith is not going to leave me now, not yet,

They always say its a test,
i didnt realise it until the other day
and its not something where i forcefully try but i just naturally do.

I am so sure i'll see you again and again,

Just typing this makes me overwhelmed not because i assume but i know although you cannot blame me for fearing,
i still have this faith.

It is not yet time.

only two will understand and it would mean much if you get

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