Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Scheduled post:

College is different. So so much different from high school.
It isnt as simple as having laid out a few streams for you to pick.
College is so so much harder.

Months and weeks of pondering what i want and what reality can give me,-
Okay time to unravel things; my true passion was actually journalism because i love the whole thing.
I may not know the whole system or how it works but Im willing to learn everybit of it.
Nevertheless it is still (just) an interest, and something im afraid to take because Im not entirely a risk taker. I still love it. & Im thankful actually that BRATs can offer me that temporarily.

I knew i could never really pursue journalism,
I grew interest in Law and decided to go for it.
After research and enquiries about it i realised that i had to go UK to study and no i cannot afford that!
I know that you can do it all here but Its not going to be easy, working and studying.
& they said that the gov prefers us to go UK to study and come back.

I’ve registered.
I was looking at the subject list.
You either pick subjects that lead you to science or you loose science.
Its not high school where you pick Bio and Accounts together.
I’ve decided not to do science but honestly I’ll miss it. Not for the sake of kiasuness and trying to boast that by being a science student Im “better” or whatever you might think,
I’ll miss Bio the most. I really would.
I was actually considering Bio med or Bio tech but then i would have to take Chemistry too.
Althought the thought of it is really cool, Im not sure if it really would suit me best.
Maybe I’ll get a Bio book to read :D

Also, i would miss Add Math! I like the whole thrill of understanding and getting the questions right.
To sum it,
I’ll miss Add Math, Bio and Sejarah.
Lillian calls me a nerd but she actually misses it too :P but not Bio she misses Chemistry.

& the both of us are pursuing the same course too.
I know it may suprise people of what we are taking because its a little off from “what we always wanted to be”
But sometimes you’ve got to have a reality check.
I dont really want to elaborate much because i fear of offending people.

When does college start for me?
In exactly 13 days.
I’ll be starting college within less than a month of finishing SPM.
(inserts emoticon)

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