Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Ohh let me tell you about our adventurous day yesterday.
We took the KTM to Midvalley in the morning which was totally fine,
BUT on the way back we decided to go back during peak hours because we wanted to roam longer.
Instead of the expected 40 minutes ride, we took about 90 minutes.
We had to miss 2 trains at one point because we were already sandwiched.
But yes adventurous enough and I still cant understand why its so much easier to get on the train in Singapore.
Malaysians are probably more uncivilized.

We watched Twilight.
I had zero expectations and I only came out with a 7/10 for it.
Its alright, nothing I would re watched in an instant.
I bet the book would be better cause there were so many parts where it was just so blah and you don’t get how and why, (although I never read it)
I wouldn’t mind reading it.

They mentioned it being the successor of Harry Potter but no way.
Harry Potter beats it four folds!

Like what Nicole said, and I quote;
“I don’t really like how they used stars (A-listers) as the cast in the movie”

True right,
Like Edward was Cedric from Harry Potter (much more hotter in Harry Potter lor!)
Bella was the girl from Panic Room
& James the hunter was from X Men as sabertooth.
edit : and the Mrs Cullen from Grey's Anatomy as crazy Rebecca. (nah!)

At least Harry Potter started as unknown geeky kids.

But I never said the movie sucked,
I wouldn’t mind watching it on Astro when it comes or part 2 of Twilight.
I’d still check it out.

Ive cleared my books and I ended up with 3 stacks of knee high books.
I found my Phantom of the Opera literature book and decided to keep it for memories sake.
I don’t have anyone to give my reference book so hopefully some people would take them at the recycle day this Sunday.
I hope my notes do well :D

Today is the first day I get to bum around at home with total freedom of no thoughts of guilt I should study.
ah, liberating.

super overdue pictures;

rabin emotional :P

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