Sunday, January 28, 2007


i watched Blood Diamond yesterday with my parents and it was real nice.
its a reality-based movie.
about how people in Africa fight each other causing Civil wars, and in the show they were practically killing each other for this diamond.
the movie is real good and touching. its pretty gruesome at some parts since its listed as 18PL but if your the type who likes reality based movies with a little action in it, you'll love it.
besides, Leonardo is in the movie.

Steamboat bbq was pretty fun yesterday.
the bill was about RM700+
but there was like 40 plus people who went.
our table went creative that we made bbq-ed all sorts of stuff.
coincidentally, alot of people wore black t's with denim bottoms. haha..
school's tmr. -again.

crap. i have to MC for next week's assembly.
i hate i hate. :S

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