Tuesday, February 27, 2007

so i wont forget

So today we had an experiment in the Bio Lab.
We had one yesterday too, with the visking tube testing for starch, glucose etc, you know the thing we learn in form 2 or 3?
I was reluctant at the idea at first but it actually turned out pretty fun.
Our group was the only group that got the colour right, the part when the solution in the visking tube turns dark blue? Every other group got gold.
: ) !

Well today the idea of having another experiment got me all excited.
Then I heard a few people mumble about testing on blood, if it was a isotonic, hypotonic, or a hypertonic solution.
In the book said we had to use chicken blood.
But then teacher started explaining how you had to use the alkaline swap before the needle etc.

Yes WE had to PRICK ourselves so that we bleeddd.
I guess we were all kinda petrified by the idea but honestly it was kinda cool.
Supposingly only one person had to prick him/herself and drop a little blood onto four cover slids.
My group were all girls fyi.
About 5 of the 8 people in my group were so excited that we volunteered to prick ourselves. haha!

Yeah it was pretty intense the idea of sticking that needle into your finger till it bled.
But it was kinda nice knowing that you actually did it in high school.

I pricked myself first and we all awed at the blood oozing out,
Then Lyn, Su Li and Lillian.

Salutes to Lyn! ( Who actually has some sort of fear for injections )
Pricked herself faster and without complain like Lillian or Su Li :P

I tell you Lillian plays so much guitar she had to poke her finger so hard to get a teeny weeny drip of blood.

We even snagged the needles and cover slids of our own blood :P

Yeah, so I like Bio. : )
I cant wait for other experiments too.
And when we get to mix chemicals with that white lab coat. Hahhhhhh.

Hehe, yes Lyn, it was a pretty dam good story about you : P
So many people puji tau !
Go see the tagboard. It had so many comments it went to the next page you know! : P : P

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