Thursday, February 22, 2007

so, lets say..

My mom’s off to another family gathering.
I tell you my family on my mom’s side are soo.. active :P
My cousins and all will be there but im just not in a mood to play cards or any sort.
So, I chose to stay home. The tv programs are back to normal. No more Chinese New Year programs, thank God.
I like watching Chinese show, and those movies especially those comedical type?
But you see the thing is, im banana. Although I might understand a little of what their saying I much rather subtitles, especially when they get into a fight or get overly excited and start talking 18734658 words per minute.

Plus ! there’s American Idol today.

I went Giant with mom today and sadly I wasn’t in a good mood from my very-often-tummy-cramps.
I just wanted to finish grocery shopping fast and head home.
We bought loaddds of stuff for the bbq, and I kinda think its probably more than we can eat but my mom says my friends are food disposals machine, which probably is true.

I hate it when you have an itch and you cant seem to find that spot to scratch.
Its sooo irritating.

The weather is abit weird lately, and forecast cant even predict the weather these days.
I might some a tad bit over, but to me, it seems like the world wont last another century.
With all the haze, tsunamis, hurricanes, flood, downpour, its so hard to estimate when its right to step out of the house.

dont you ever wonder when exactly the world’s gonna collapse one day?
There’s surely a start on how the world actually came about and where our ancestors actually poofed out from, and there’s definitely an ending.

Sometimes im afraid of reading Revelations.
But I guess I need to know
I need to ease this curious mind.

oh, ive been having weird dreams lately.
Fun, but pure weird.

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