Saturday, February 03, 2007

we're different, your alike

Ah yes, Larian Mesra, or the old fashion way we use to call it, Larian Lebuh Raya.
The 3.5 km for girls and 4 for guys.
My third year participating in it.
Since I think when I was form 2 they canceled it for some fund raising program. Am I right? Correct me if im wrong.

I remember joining in form one. Heck I forgot what no I got since I think I walked the whole journey. Hehe :D and I think I remember saying I wouldnt wanna run, - okay walk, ever again.
Participated in form three which I think I got no. 35 or so. Haha !
And this year, sadly our category was the last, so before we even started we could see some form one and two boys already resting and form one and two girls coming in. the envious feeling.

Whistle blown, run run run.
Okay actually I kinda made a ‘pledge’ that I wouldnt stop running till at least the second check point. Hahhhhh. Fail lah.
I saw Ashley and an Indian girl – sorry I dont know your name, walking so I joined them. darnnn.. so much for a pledge.

Continued running and aiyooooo why la must stop me so ngam when got traffic. Cissss, make me stop again.
Run up hill and cut across the playground where I met Tania and Nicole, cut past them and ran alone.
I was having some sort of competition with this Malay and Chinese form 5 girls. First i kinda sprinted ahead then slowed down, then the Chinese sprinted, then the Malay, then they walked, after I cut them they did it again. Aiyoh, go lah !

Another up hill, oh yes I regained enough strength to actually run up the hill ( nyeh Lyn :P ) but after that I was actually thankful that they stop me for the traffic again. Saw the fourth check point, past the lorong, saw the school when Nik actually said I was ninth, so I sprinted again and I got no.17. hahhhhh. So much for 6 places away !
Okay la better then last year, but so many form 4 and 5 runners where missing in action today, so cant consider.

After that we head to Melur when it was like some SMK USJ 13 convention.
I went to Lyn’s and mendedahkan her to the skins, layouts and hmtl color codings. Haha. See how pretty is her blog ! :D

Oh yes I likey likey this picture :D

p.s/ congratulations on those who won :)

because i heard you said so,
it happened again.

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