Saturday, February 03, 2007


Human behavior works bizarrely don’t they?
You see its not that easy isn’t it?
Why is it that both sides are spotting that very thing,
Why is it that ‘we’ retain these certain off-putting, characteristic?
it is we, who is granting these so-called put-offs,
and it is so, who will be granted put-offs in return.

Everything of these repeats itself,
A circle of non-pleasings,
You see, we’re just the same are we not?

Alas, what ive decided is upon transformation.
On the contrary, what about you?
However bold the person may be to notify,
Probably rebellious wills, will go off.
It does not really matter probably,
For the time being,
But what a waste it will definitely be,
If these circles never meet.

Ah, but now I say transformation it be,
Forgive if I take a moment brake,
you see,

Its not easy for me.

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