Friday, February 02, 2007


My tummy’s feeling funny.
Im trying to re call what I ate.
Let’s see. The big fatty soggy fries in school with chili sauce,
Nasi lemak my mom bought from a shop while she was in Klang since about 10am which I think smelled slightly basi but I ate anyway because I had 15 minutes for lunch before my piano class,
Home cook food which surely could not cause my tummy to feel er, funny.

Maybe it was the big fatty soggy fries,
Maybe it was the chili sauce I dipped it in,
Maybe it was that basi-smelling nasi lemak.
Or maybe
It was the pineapple juice Ivan bought :|

My mom has allergies to pineapple, makes her tummy ache.
I never did have allergies to pineapple,
And im not having any sort of PMS symptoms either.
No, its just the nasi lemak :\

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