Friday, March 30, 2007

con.f ?

Im in a serious mood for watching a movie now. :(
Especially the cinema.
The last time I went there was… I don’t even remember when.

Im still trying to watch 300. gr.
I wanna watch the Pursuit Of Happiness !
Im currently stuck in Black Hawk Down because I accidentally downloaded half the movie.

And this uncle, which is a close friend of dad’s gave me two big paper bags of cds/dvds and said I could choose as many as I want because he’s shifting and nobody ever bothers about them anymore.
So I cant wait to watch Daredevil :D since it was band in Malaysia for funny reasons.
Its just an action movie right.
I picked a few for me and sis, and most of them are those olden days movie that the covers are so dusty and old
and never heard of movies.

My sis is coming back next week.
Why does so many events fall on April 7.
Is it like some good feng shui day for celebrations/competitions or something.
:( :( :(
Okay at least IU is not next week.

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