Sunday, March 18, 2007


You know at first I thought it was peachy fine,
Maybe with a little
I didn’t-see-that,
But I was a little more than very wrong,
Yes its crystal now,
I don’t see the point of being broadminded
although Id much prefer to be.
But also considering, to which..

I couldn’t or wouldn’t object,
If id somehow am,
in silence all the time that it gets to that point,
Or fortuitously being too busy with,
Oh wait, you didn’t realise that I was absent now didn’t you.

Its just like the movie on thirteen,
one day it wouldn’t matter anymore,
because then, you’ll have to start over.
Just like everyone one of us.

Presently, I’ll let if have its way,
I don’t think I can afford anymore,
Soon that label’s going to drop off,
And we’re all from stage one.

Im not saying
Being inconsiderate
as an option,
But if somehow miraculously,
Things goes the other way
Just like how it used to,
The maybe this strings would still run again.

Once told was callous?
Look again.

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