Monday, April 30, 2007


I skipped school today.
Yes it was planned, and since my mom said I could.

But I was still exhausted.
I slept a total eleven hours today :|

So yesterday we celebrated WeaHong’s 21st birthday.
It was pretty sudden thing for me because I knew they were celebrating it the night before.

So I pick Kay up from her church about 11+ and reached Subang Parade at near 12.
Initially I heard that it was at 12 noon,
And then we found out we were an hour and a half early.
So we walked around parade, which was a little boring and went to McD’s to snack while waiting,
About half hour later, we spotted Larissa and ChuiShen.
Ahhaha and they said they were there since 12.

We thought we were sharing to buy this er, ‘thing’ im sorry I don’t know how to describe it, but it didn’t happen,
So we thought of buying him a mini toy van as a joke because we always complain WeaHong’s kancil was too small to ferry us.

We went to Toys R Us, and headed for the toy car section when we panicked because we saw the others there.
So we ran around the racks of toys hiding from them, and ducking here and there.
We finally chose a really vintage nice looking mini van, which we plan on sharing with the girls.
We waited a few minutes till they were totally gone and paid, had it wrap with a Barbie doll wrapper :P and met up with them at TGIF.

It been ages since I ate at TGIF’s, and the menu was so daunting to look at.
Me and Kay spontaneously rushed off to Secret Recipe to get a cake while everyone was eating.
I like the song’s they sang and the things they made WeaHong do.

We left TGIF and walked around, our bill was rm4oo plus so we all put the receipt in the ‘Shop For Your School’ contest box.
I came to parade 2 days ago and I was the first to dunk in my receipt in the box. Yeay :D

So that’s it lah,
Super long la this post.
Happeh Birthday Coach !

I was always in Love with Barney :D

the expensive vintage mini van

and Barbie wrapper :D

and the guys bought him this drawing thingy cause his board was spoiled :D

i like the wall

ahha drawing the basketball court

Xin Yi!

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