Sunday, April 29, 2007


I had to wake up sadly on a Saturday morning for prefect duty for prize giving day.
We dutied,
We had to jemput tetamu’s.
Parents and stuff.
It was quite fun seeing who looked like the mother or dad more.
And I saw old friends that went asrama as well as a few ex form fives.
As usual, events like these are booooooorring.

but its been awhile since i went to a prize giving ceremony for a reason besides being on duty.

yes we got stinking certificates in a ugly booklet.
gr, why must the school be poor and give us a cheep looking booklet when all the other years get trophys PLUS certs hurhhh.

Later that night,
I attended the yearly Interschool prefects council dinner

In Seafield.
I like the air conditioned, wall padded, parquet, big staged, instrument filled hall.
Sigh, it makes me sad that our school is so called one of the ‘newer generation’ school.


Saw lots of old friend but didn’t get to say much besides a hi.

Ahh you guys look so different !

I wouldn’t say it was a mind-blowing event, but yah, no regrets for going.
Although someone ffk-ed


And yeay they gave prize for the interschool prefect amazing race , which my group won first place among other eleven teams. :)
Some performance surprised me. :)

And okay I wasn’t in the most jolly happy mood yesterday
For some reasons.
I tell you the air cond was freezing cold



oh Lyn and Rach on stage for nominations ! :D

Happy birthday Goh Wea Hong.
i'll update on the birthday tmr or something.
havent loaded pictures. :D

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