Sunday, April 22, 2007


Since I haven’t been updating anything happening lately
Cough cough
Here’s a long photo-y post.
I hope your happy ! :D

Happy birthday Queen Sueen babehhh !
Thanks lots for the invitation and fun :)

So yesterday we had this steamboat at usj 21.
Its like our gathering spot now.
I think the owner prolly recognizes us already.
Omg did you know we occupied like 4 large tables in the restaurant
And Sueen treated us ?!
Sorry we didn’t get you a cake though.
Cake and steamboat didn’t seem to be appropriate.

So everything started around 6.30pm.
Although we were told to be there at 6, heh Malaysians, Malaysians.
I had fun eating, and talking, and I got to sit beside Rachel :D
Sudah lama we haven’t talked.
I was being overly messy and careless yesterday.
I spilled tomyam on myself which I was already sad about,
But since I wore black It wasn’t noticeable.
But I spilled ketchup on Rachel’s pretty WHITE ROXY bag.
Gah! And she was telling me how she missed her bag cause she just soaked and washed it lately.
Im sooorryyyy Rachel.

Oh and we met Eugene and Nikki there !
Their like a regular there.
Everytime we eat there, we’re surely to meet them.

the seafield 3 - an's

yi vonne's super straight hair

birthday girl !

its another poloroid

TzeYin posing and SiewLee attempting :D

the Rachels !
which kinda look alike :P

Hee. StalkingNicole

The twins, yes they are.
and my old neighbours/childhood friends

Later on we went to SiewLee’s.
Some wanted to mahjong.
Sadly Sueen didn’t join us and some went back.
It took three cars to ferry us there.
We wanted to play cards so all of us walked to 7-eleven.

another hint !

the house owner

Han !

Shaun dared Yivonne to carry a stool all the way there,
And if she did, he’ll belanja her whatever she wants.

she did.
I tell you she walked with the stool so cooly like it was a prop for a catwalk.
The people at Tanjung stared at our big group and the girl with the stool.

edit : i just realised everyone moved except TzeYin. hahah

Walked back,
Played awhile
And the crowd started decreasing by eleven or so.
Its nice to gather around with school mates sometimes especially in big groups although it may be hard to talk to everyone.
But nevertheless.
Thanks again Sueen. :)
i had a great time :)

I tell you blogger is being nice to me.
The loading is fast :|

p/s. im not sure if its just me, but i had
diarrhea today. maybe the tomyam?

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