Wednesday, April 25, 2007

smile for them

Hooray for holidays tomorrow !
Although im not gonna do much.
Plus I have addmaths tuition.
But whatheheck,
Add maths tuition beats any tuition.

Mid terms are in about three weeks.
And we have pj this term.
I thought it was over after form 3.
Okay at least no more art.
Although I enjoy paper 2 and 3.

Its almost going into the fifth month of the year,
This year, things are seriously passing fast.
It just feels like Chinese New Year yesterday.

Ohh !
My mom was clearing these stack of photo’s and she found a photo when I celebrated my fifth birthday in my old church.
Guess who I saw?

Lillian !

Its so funny because we knew we originally went to the same church, but I thought I didn’t know her yet and she moved out of that church long ago.

And currently our churches are in sunway and in the same area :D

we live so near to each other back when I was in usj that we only realised when we came to secondary.

And we performed in the same tadika concert. We have the tape :D

So much coincidence.

And I have two photo’s from that birthday and she was standing/sitting right beside me.

Haha. Funny..

And all it took was a little patience.
We didn’t have to open our mouths,
Some one else already did the talking,
And now the colour shines.

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