Friday, May 18, 2007


Dammit this doesn’t feel like a proper weekend

I screwed my first paper for the mid year exams
My very first paper,
Which was Sejarah two.
No it wasn’t because I didn’t study.

Fyi I study my butt off and skip so many activities for this term’s exam.

How I screwed my paper you ask?

I didn’t know that we had to pick 3 questions with the sub questions out of the 5 for essay writing.
I thought it was like last term when you had to pick 1 question and answer the 3 sub questions.
I even read the instructions but I misinterpreted it wrongly.

Dammit I didn’t do 2 essay questions !
And heck you know how freaking much that cost me ?!

Sejarah was one of my most favourable subjects,
Sejarah IS one of my favourable subjects that I was so sure I’d nail an A.

Apparently, im out of that league,
Chances of getting A now are nil since I have to score purrrfect for the other questions,
So now the highest I can get is a B and probably a C.

It’ll leave a stupid painful mark on my report card,
Never have I had a C.
Dammit dammit dammit.

Yes it affected the rest of my subjects,
I just stoned and I think I wrote trash on my BM paper.

My usually-there exam study mood was blown out.
Yes it is a big impact.
Somehow im not looking forward for the holidays,
Because knowing I’d have to get that stupid results after it makes me wanna tear and rip it apart.

Im sorry if you think this post is pointless.

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