Sunday, May 13, 2007


You must be wondering if I have a life,
Since im blogging so much lately,
Well the time’s here,
And apparently,
Im not gonna blog much cause exams are tomorrow,
Jeng jeng jeng.

Well it’s mother’s day !
And Tiffany’s birthday,
Tiffany one of the smartest girl’s in my form and one of my longest known friend.
No she hasn’t changed actually.
Still a prefect buddy I guess?

My family and I decided to go indoors for mom’s day.
We had steamboat in our veranda.
We avoided going out because obviously everywhere was packed.
The only thing missing was sissy,
And apparently her new caterer in her hostel sucks.
Sigh sigh, so we’re gonna have a bigger fiest when she’s back :)

I was looking around My Document photos and these are what made me smile :)

Tiffany ! attempting to pose with the olden day effect :D

sue fails to maintain posture

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