Tuesday, June 05, 2007

just for snacks

Im just done with packing and im pretty dam excited :D
But I feel like ive overpacked?

I cant find anymore options to minimize them though.
Packing is fun,
I hope we get to choose who we wanna bunk in with. :)

Anyways I watched pirates a few days ago.
Oh gosh,
Its making me hate sequels.
Whats with Spidey 3 and Pirates 3 -_-
they arent as good as the earliers ones already.
They just get more boring,
Although shows like Lord Of The Rings and X-Men can pull that off :)
In my opinion of course.

So I wont be blogging for a few days.
I’ll be away !
And i really hope I get awesome team mates :s

Anyhhoo, to make it all even erm…happier?
I have piano RIGHT after camp
What a joy -_-“

Um, this morning was pretty boring.
A rehersal for the upcoming installation day.
The best I could say was when we went Melur and the dude who took our order could remember each and every one of our orders without paper or anything, just pure memory.
And we took up more then er, four tables?
Haha yess jakun.
You can roll your eyes now.

Hrm, okays that’s it.
Till prolly, Saturday.

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