Sunday, June 10, 2007

maybe its just me

Im not in a mood to blog,
A bunch of crap have been happening recently,
And apparently only this year. :\

I’ll elaborate soon when I’ll have the blogging mood,
Which will be very soon since im an addict.

I miss camp.
Apart from the slight sun burn’s, darkness ( no I do not want to live in denial like some who call it tan ), and the fact that I wanted to dig out my eyes sooo dam badly for some reason that many might have notice,
I miss camp a lot.

Night time was the best,
I never liked night hours this much if it wasn’t for talks.

Lotsa things happening these last few days before school reopens.

And now its that feeling when you get the result paper
I know I screwed my sejarah badly from that bad mistake.

and ah yes,
im looking forward for Ocean's Thirteen
and im currently addicted to oatmeals,
shoot me
i feel like a granny


Alucrix said...

Its not you, its me.

...sorry couldn't resist using that line.

jasmine said...

sorry dont really get that though :\

Alucrix said...

Didnt expect you to, haha. Its just a very cheesy line a lot.