Monday, June 11, 2007

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I find it funny that Su Li is afraid of me when it comes to exam results or the after-exam aura.
Its because I get so tensed up and act like a nerve wreck,
Im one heck of a paranoid deep thinking thank you,
Shucks im sorry if I act like a geek about it,
Its just some unwanted nature that I have.

First day of school?
Not good.
Im heck disappointed at my papers,
No I do not want to compare myself with others to make myself feel any better,
In the end,
The fact remains that its our own sweat and blood for it right?

Camp was magnifico!
Even today we were still busy chatting away about what happen,

And this time I did not overpack!
Thanks to my silly sister that kept laughing over the fact that I took seven shirts. Hmmprh.
Well, in the end I took six including the one I wore, and it was just enough. Like right on the dot.
For those who took four shirts stinkkkedd! :P

The facilitators were awesomely sporting.
The games were predictable but still fun to play with all the semangatness in everyone.

I think I have this bad luck charm for camps.
I always end up in the uncooperative group :\

Amazing race was fun! We ran like chickens in the dark,
I loved loved loved that squirrel-tree game, and when they shout earthquake and you see people screaming while running away from the blue people,
And the games that sunway organized.

i loved the time when we just sat back and relax,
The time when we were dismiss for meals or wash-ups.
When the toilets were all booked up beforehand by friends,
The girls toilet was bustling I tell you,
And I don’t mean noisy. Heh.
Haha only at camps, only at camps :D

Definately not forgetting the night time.
We didn’t have a curfew,
Girls camped at the ruang legar while the guys at the grassy side at the end of the assembly site.

It was pretty cool to have ‘girl talk’ with guys till the wee hours in one side,
While a handful playing cards and telling ghost stories at the other end,
Watching the facilitators play rugby till 1am.

Sleeping with Lynette in the ruang legar while the others slept in the tents or the assembly site was fun.
Haha we talked lots and prank lots :P

It was seriously weird that the first night we were sweating like pigs while everyone was freezing plus the fact we already planned head to toe incase of some sudden freeze attack.
Instead we barely used our jackets or blanket.

I was almost pushed to the chilly floor when Lillian bunked in the second night.
You big fatty.

I don’t think a post will be enough to sum up what happen,

Plus the very very happy flip I got during everything
All smiles!
Yes, thank you camp.

Sorry for the ultra super long post.

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