Thursday, December 13, 2007

golden satins on a black

What do you call this
How can you explain it in words,
By mouth or black and white.

No, it doesn’t make you go angry and bumed out.

Just like what you see and you ‘know’ its never going to happen.


And then at that littlest slight tiny moment

You know it could

I find it funny how tv shows/ books/ movies like that can make me stone and wonder for a few hundred minutes and try

Just try to imagine how fantastic everything could be

Just like that.

I know im not making much sense kan.
But im having the after effect of those story lines.

I guess they’re design for those effects.

And more to that !
This dialogue caught me;

As you grow older, every decision you make defines who you’re going to be.

Im either probably too bored
Or I just needed some uplifting fairy tale to think about.

will be back for more later. :)

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