Tuesday, February 12, 2008

'cause im different too

I watched CJ7 with mom and sis,
It wasn’t all that great to me :s
Preferred Kunfu Hustle or Shaolin Soccer.

Met with Kay and friend as planned,
Felt like lampu.
So spontaneously called a friend.

Bumped into a lot of people,
I went pyramid last Sunday by the way.

Yeah walked, bought presents (!)
Tried Yogur Berry which was not bad but not worth the price,
But im not saying im not going back for more. :D

Tapao-ed J.Co’s for TzeYin
And kay and I headed for her house for um,
The cny open house thing.

Ate lots of gooood food,
Watch horrifying pictures on the comp,
Admired the hiao picture of Lynette aged >12,
Gambled ( I won rm2 from Lynette overall O.O )
- she lost RM30 to everyone (sayang sayang)
Drank Tiger Beer + sparkling juice and Carlsberg + Sarsi,
Laughed a lot,
Probably drunk, (you never know)
& went home.

Yes we should do this more often :D

The camera plug is 20cm away,
Im just lazy to get it.
Maaf :D

I cant wait to be the messenger of love!

did you know Jasmine means messenger of love.

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