Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I don’t know why blogger is like this.
Whines annoyingly.

When I find a skin im satisfied with it malfunctions.

Apparently whatever I type can only be viewed through mozilla and not internet explorer.

But I realise the more I post, the more it became visible
But only from the bottom.

So we will see.

Its already CNY eve.
I don’t usually balik kampong because I don’t really have one.
My kampong is in Klang which is like 10 minutes drive.
So we usually go Klang, come home take bath and go Klang again.
Which im quite thankful for.
Yes yes, very city girl.

Relatives coming over for dinner tonight.

I cant wait to see me hensem God bro in the hush puppies t shirts I got for his birthday.


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