Saturday, March 15, 2008

caught in the moment

Genting was superbly cold we had to wear tons of layers to keep warm.
although I kinda miss it.

& we had loads of walking because we like to explore the whole place :P
was fun though.

Here are pictures for you guys to grab.

cable car ride took ages so we started picture-ing

& Han Qi followed !

Lay Wing is missing, and you can only see Joon Wei partially.

Spot Calvin's CJ7

We had Starbucks for two days straight.
to keep ourselves awake.
& to keep warm.
( although i was the only sane one to get a hot drink O_O )


Kay keeping warm with my Starbucks that turned warm instead of hot after we step outside.

My 3 bucks toothbrush because i forgot to bring one.

We moved the beds to the side, the room was really small okay.

The guys had this mad addiction to this booth to win the sheeps.
okay fine it was me. i wanted one and requested for it & soon everyone had one.
I had two in the end. huhu.

This is not even half of the group.

Guess what?
There's more.

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