Sunday, May 18, 2008

i dare you

We need to have those days where we just went crazy with the camera and the timer.
Because I feel that we’re lack of those !

Regroup !

Oh! I watch Narnia the other day.
Better than what I expected and to my opinion better than the first.
But you’ll only like the second if you watch the first cause there’s an obvious link between the show that makes it feel abit nostalgic and adds to that moment.

Um yeah.

Im feeling very dry now;
Im not sure if it’s the weather or just me.

Kota Kemuning should just be called Desert Kemuning.
All we Kota Kemuning people agree that it hardly ever rains here.
Forcing us to on our airconds.
Sigh global warming already lah.

Earthquake in China. :/
Is some malapetake happening ever so frequent or what?

Please pray Tsunami wont hit next week.
Or you will never ever be able to read my fun blog again.


Be right back!

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