Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I am such in this zone right now that im finding it hard to get it in words.

BRATs year end camp at Sepilok, Sabah is (hands down) the best camp I’ve ever attended.
Besides the hospitality of the people along the way, the proper plannings, the never ending feedings and of course the omg most awesome people I will ever meet all over Malaysia from Taiping’s, Penang’s and Kajang’s workshops (and others) ;

You’ve made Swinging in Sepilok some heck load of an experience.

I came back all bubbly blabbering away to my parents and friends that asked how was camp.
I honestly can tell you, no words can actually sum what these 5 days have done to me.
And 5 days is NOT enough,

I am still lost for words.

Sepilok was awesome.
& its something that no one can take away from me.

My links is going to explode
My facebook (quotes everyone) is going to explode.

36 sand flies and 11 leeches.

Beat that!

Will definitely be back.

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