Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Pictures credit to Stanley, photographer amazing! Also known as my group leader.
Will be celuping more pictures from you :D
Very hardworking and hardly shows any signs of frustration even though under deadline pressures.
Thumbs up Stan!

Jirwan, Kel Vin, Jeremy and me
with our written "theme" song Jirwan got everyone addicted to.

with Debs and Kah Yan

Still woozy doozy so I’ll just have a short update on BRATs.
This year they splitted all 31 of us into 3 groups of our choice.
Print, video and photography.

I got so hyped up at the sound of it because I was looking forward for the photography bit.
Thank goodness I took the dSLR this time.
My group had 8 photographers (minus seniors) in which 4 had dSLRs which made it so fun because I was the most inexperienced one among them.
Learnt much and gah I still cant shake off the vibes.

My group was the bomb okay :P
We were busy during our outings/trips but,
during camp we didn’t have our laptops so we couldn’t do much so we mostly had 10 minutes discussion before floating off to some random chat or playing cards. (ha-ha!)
But of course we had to complete 8 slides in one day when we finally got back to Labuk.
Still we made it lah.

Took some awesome camho shots on the last day which I will be uploading from my camera and other’s soon.

Oh yeah, Mei Chin says I always carry my black Nike bag around
& Finaz remembers me as the black Nike-brown converse girl.
Oh yeah. Haha

i was applying medication on my sand fly bites and i didnt believe i only had 36 bites.
i re counted and i had................

63 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

No wonder i won "Most bitten by insect BRAT"
& i got a swap for that.

I heard they said sand fly bites last for weeks.

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