Friday, December 12, 2008

chance to make it alright

picture is not edited mind you,
pretty right :D

still not edited

Im not sure how many posts will it take me to sum up my experience in BRATs but here goes number 1.

I had to wake up as early as 3am on Friday morning cause we had to be at the airport at 5am.

I wasn’t in the most jolly happy mood because of some personal issues that day,
I grouped with the Taiping BRATs and felt so lost.
Thanks to Louise, Jenani and Wan Hong for being so nice to me. :)
I sat in the plane with Jenani and Louise watched Heroes on my mp4 and slept.
The plane ride was really slow.

We reached Labuk B&B, where we were gonna stay. (far from hotel standards)
The room reminds me of hostels.
We had a whole um, cabin-ish place to ourselves with the outdoor common room.
And most of us had to share 1 bathroom.
No toilet paper, no soap etc, and no heater!
Yes I bathed cold water everyday.

Oh, they took away our phones too and at first it was quite a bummer,
But later on I felt it very liberating and I think that was the best thing.

I was in the photography group and I loved it all the way.
It was funny because
my group love taking photos,
my group had all the best cameras,
my group was the free-est of all the other groups,
so my group camwhored the most.

Don’t you guys realise we have the most camwhore pictures?

Anyways on the first day photography and half of print went to the Orang Utan’s Rehab centre and here are some pictures. :)

some people say we look alike (?)

i went to Pyramid yesterday and saw Jirwan!
hahaha just after two days of BRATs.

We both watched the same movie,
The Day the Earth Stood Still.
which i find, boring. Suprisingly.

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DancingMonkay said...

it wasnt just boring.... it was really boring . hmmm disappointed =(