Saturday, December 13, 2008

i like/i dont

Random things you might not know about me;

1) Ive always wanted a nice button jacket sort of blazer-ish, I found it once and fell in love with it on the spot, a week later I couldn’t find it anymore. :(
I have a thing for nice jackets

2) I wished we had winter cause I like the idea of wearing knee high boots and thick jackets with a scarf.
GOD I think I like the attires made for winter.

3) I am good at art ( I know, dam perasan to say this)
I have (let me count) won 8 art competitions in which one was state level.
Somehow I slowed down but I still love it.

4) I know every Westlife song by heart (before the band broke up).
I went to their charity concert before too heh.

5) I am very kiam siap.

6) I have a thing against the combo of mini skirts and fitted spaghetti tops. (note: I didn’t say all sleeveless tops)

7) I think powerless coloured contacts are stupid.

8) I find guys in semiformal attire extremely hot!

9) I am not a must-have-all-the-new-high-tech-gadgets person.

10) I have zero knowledge about cars except the cars I owned or some of my friend's.
I like small cars.

11) I like candid black and white pictures of people.

12) I like being busy.

13) I think I work hard to get what I want. If I deserve it, I deserve it.

14) I find blogging therapeutic.

15) I dislike oranges.

16) I don’t like overly competitive people.
When it’s time to let go, let it go.

17) I'd like to try baseball and beach volleyball.

18) I like heart to heart talks

19) I like the feel of the fresh morning sun on my skin.

20) I like the smell of lotions.

Might continue another time. (?)

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