Saturday, December 13, 2008

part two

We headed to Rainforest Discovery Centre on the second day.
I really enjoyed it.
We had Kim as our tour guide and she intro-ed to us loads of different trees, plants, flowers, herbs etc.

I liked the twinning branches and the bird-like leaves.

And my favourite part was when we got to walk at the canopy walk.
Real cool because we were seriously sooooooo high probably around the emergent levels.
And you could overlook the really cool place.
I could hear hornbills but I couldn’t spot one. :(
We climbed to the top and when you just stood still with your eyes closed you could feel the whole structure wobbling a little because of the vibrations.

The bridge was freaky!

In the picture above, if you click it and see it properly you can just see how high we were.

Referring to the first picture above, i was standing there. (points at the gauzy bridge in first picture)

& referring to the picture below, when i took this picture,

everyone else looked!
so cute!

mind my un-feminity

Today is an eye opener

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