Friday, December 19, 2008

series of events

all pictures stolen from various places,

picture credit to Erma;
Erma, Pam, myself, Cookie Momo (haha!) Phyllis and Crystal.
the IN Crowd (literary) , Singaporean youth journalist i met last Monday.

Last mon i went to Menara Star with my other Sepilok Brats to meet the In Crowd.
They were all younger than me +_+
the oldest was only 16 !
okay thats because IN is only open for teens from 13-16 years.
But Im impressed with what they can produce,
They have a weekly 16page spread in the Newspaper all writen by them.
Of course there are more lah not only those four girls above there.
It was good to hang out with them and everyone got along well.

Everyone asked why i didnt bring the dSLR,
I was lazy to carry it around and besides,
who needs to when you have 3 other friends with dSLRs :D

After that a bunch of us headed to One Utama.
We took one car, a proton.
8 teens.
6boys 2 girls.
Still we managed!
but we came bursting out of the car with pins and needles.

pictures credits below to Stan and Jirwan;

Ian "praying"


IN gave each of us a cap and a pen, i wanted to keep the cap and it couldnt fit in my bag,
I got lazy of carrying it so i ended up wearing it.
Thus below is a string of series of MY camwhore moment :D
Thanks Stanley and Jirwan for layaning me. HAHA


excuse spasm

Right after that i went over to USJ to reunite with my high school friends!
seriously i havent seen most of them since the day SPM ended!
We went to HanQi's for a horror movie.
Amythyvile or something like that.
Okay lah, prefer Quarantine, more to shout about-literary.
Went to Melur's for yumcha then a whole bunch of girls slept over at Kay's
while the guys slept over at HanQi's.

The next day we ruled over USJ 18's basketball court.
It felt SO SO good to finally get to play again
I think its been 3 months?

We should definitely go for more basketball while we have the time people!

College starts on 5th Jan.
WHERE has time gone to.

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